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McFadden Machine was founded in 1963 as a tool & die shop. Initially, equipment was designed and built to manufacture nuclear fuel rods. Most of this equipment continues to be used in the U.S., Japan and France.

Shortly thereafter, McFadden engineers began designing equipment to manufacture a variety of products ranging from golf clubs, and mining tools to lawn and garden equipment and packaging. Today’s product lines include sophisticated equipment for the automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

McFadden has always incorporated the latest technologies. Years ago, McFadden struggled to economically justify installing one computer on a machine. Today, 14 or more computers are routinely installed on one machine.

The workforce at McFadden Machine is a diverse group of professionals that include tool & die makers, machinists, mechanical engineers and industrial programmers. Using high-speed optical inspection systems, they guarantee zero defects. In the last 10 years, equipment has been provided to a variety of customers including Kennametal, Bayer, Sony Electronics, Carclo Technical Plastic, Amphenol, and Packard Electric. McFadden Machine has always met or exceeded customer expectations.