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McFadden Machine specializes in designing and building machines that eliminate human contact with process. This is very important to the pharmaceutical industry. McFadden Machine has met the primary challenge of this industry, "Do no harm to the product while handling and packaging." The use of Optical Vision Inspection rejects defective products before entering the process. These machines require a Class 10,000 clean room. All machines have been FDA approved.

McFadden engineers can monitor, diagnose and reprogram machines at any world-wide location through modem or network connection.

This machine packages disposable medical products. Features include:

  • Optical Vision Inspection provides 100% product inspection.

  • 3 Axis of Servo Motion.

  • High Speed feed rolls providing orientation.

  • This machine automatically assembles and welds polyethylene disposable containers. Features include;
  • 6 Axes of servo-motion for automatic material handling.

  • Color touch screen allows quick change of process variables and diagnostics.

  • Production data is generated and can be displayed on the machine or networked to other computers.

  • Pressure testing of weld with pressure decay leak test (5ccm @ 2 psi).