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McFadden Machine specializes in designing and building machines that increase the efficiency of manufacturing process. The overall time in production is the best measure of any equipment. Send us your manufacturing problem no matter how difficult. McFadden has always met or exceeded all expectations.

McFadden engineers can monitor, diagnose and reprogram machines at any world-wide location through modem or network connection.

This machine threads and reams silicon brass clamps.
  • Hypneumat LS 500 lead screw tap units with specially designed one touch thread depth adjustment.
  • Rotary index table
  • Automatic loading and unloading with dual bowl feeding system.
  • Touch screen provides state-of-the art man/machine interface and diagnostics.
This machine automatically taps four holes in a powdered metal product.
  • Hypneumat LS 350 Lead Screw Tap Unit with Muti-spindle Head.
  • Rotary Indexer with pneumatic clamping.
  • Magazine feed with automatic loading of fixtures.